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About Krystal

Writer, Editor, Author.

My writing career started in my teenage years with scribbles of stories, dialogues and poems on napkins while working at a fuel station in a regional Queensland town. At 17 I took off for the ‘big smoke’ of Brisbane where I worked as an actress while also submitting my writing to any publication and competition that would accept it. A mentorship and several awards later, I decided to try my hand at journalism.

While I now look back on this decision and ponder at the reasoning, it took me on quite an adventure working at a digital magazine and gossip column in London, small newspapers throughout Queensland, and in the features department of News Queensland in Brisbane.

After years of working very long hours in newsrooms I craved a little more freedom (and fresh air), which saw me accepting a job on the Sunshine Coast working for a small and exciting digital agency. Over the past six years I have specialised in writing for small business, with a focus on events such as festivals, social media, SEO charged website copy, and ecommerce.

I now work as a freelance copywriter and editor, and have a number of creative projects in progress. You can purchase my first published chapbook Mothr, a collection of poems about the imperfection of motherhood.


Poetry – Prose – Photos

A study in imperfect motherhood through poems and poetry by Krystal Howard-Clarke; and stunning photography by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd.
Purchase online and support two mothers and their creative works.